• Can Can & Company LLC., provides a service of sending an able-bodied individual to your home or business to perform a task. Your payment ensures that someone from Can Can will come to your home at the appropriate time and attempt to put your trashcans out to the curb or return them to their proper location only.

  • No refunds or credits will be given if a Can Can representative arrives at your location and cannot perform our services for any reason.

  • You are responsible for labeling your trash cans and recycling cans if there is any ambiguity in which ones are yours (i.e. multi-unit dwellings).

  • Your service includes only four can per visit. Additional cans require an additional fee.

  • You agree only to include properly sealed trash cans and or recycling cans from your personal residence. If we find that you are combining your cans with a neighbor's, we will automatically bill you for a second service fee for the same period you originally signed up.

  • Can Can & Co is not responsible for anything that happens to your cans or damage that your cans cause after we place them at the curb.

  • All trash cans will have a color-coordinated label to identify the type of service a customer chooses (i.e., twice-weekly seasonal, once-weekly seasonal, monthly, and daily. 

  • Due to our staffing model, cancellations are not possible.